Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Page 5 Redoux

I felt like going after page five a little more aggressively, here are the results :D Enjoy


  1. This one feels more cohesive with the original images that you did (more like a body of work). The main figure feels anchored in the image much better with the effect of splashing water. Also overlapping the foreground figures succeeds in creating a better sense of depth along with anchoring that figure into the image. Before it felt like he was sort of floating in space.

    It feels more atmospheric and dramatic now that you added in a stronger light source and included the light rays.

    This second attempt is overall a better resolution. The only spot that continues to feel problematic for me is the top left section of the image. I think you tried to imply that area as being foggy but it feels more like a space filler for an area that you weren't sure what to do with. If you found a way to resolve that, I think this image would be solid.

    I am glad to see your dedication to quality! Keep it up man.

  2. Great work. Both myself and my players are really loving your work. Not sure if you are going to complete the rest of the book, but thanks for the five that you've done.They really are great.