Saturday, December 10, 2011

page 5 that"s a wrap...for class

This page was a challenge for sure, there's so much happening in this scene, but i think i was able to achieve a sense of scale and depth. whew. Well only 10 more to go, fall break is here hopefully i can finish them before spring semester starts!!

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  1. Hey man, just thought I would say nice job on staying committed! But I feel as if these last couple images have been rushed. They don't have the same energy that the first two did. I think that you were including some texture in the first two, which has disappeared in this particular one. The result is am image that feels flatter and less dynamic. I am not saying that you should rely on texture, because I think that can become a gimic very quickly, what I am saying is that the texture served a purpose in the first two. It is noticeably missing in this image.

    Also, and I know this is super picky, but your brush strokes are larger and broader in this image compared to the last two. I think the tighter more specific brush strokes were working for the first two and this image lacks that presence. The brush strokes feel to large and their depiction of the form is too general which adds to the image feeling rushed.

    I still love the work you are doing for this series and I know I am being overly critical. I just don't want to see your quality drop and thought I would voice my critique. Hopefully it's welcome!

    Keep up the hard work and I am looking forward to seeing more work from you.